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Thursday, February 19, 2009

How PTEROSAUR learnt to FLY

A new study published February 17 in the journal PLoS One by researchers from Ohio University, College of the Holy Cross and the University of Leicester explains how balloon-like air sacs, which extended from the lungs to inside the skeleton of pterosaurs, provided an efficient breathing system for the ancient beasts. The system reduced the density of the body in pterosaurs, which in turn allowed for the evolution of the largest flying vertebrates.
"We offer a reconstruction of the breathing system in pterosaurs, one that proposes the existence of a mechanism with the same essential structure to that of modern birds — except 70 million years earlier," said study co-author Leon Claessens, an assistant professor of biology at the College of the Holy Cross

Storyteller: Leon Claessens, assistant professor of biology at the College of the Holy Cross
Source: Air-filled Bones Extended Lung Capacity And Helped Prehistoric Reptiles Take First Flight

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